Simple & Powerful

Video Conference Platform

A video platform that enhances your performance, because it is all build-in....conferencing, video on demand, live streaming, booking, forms.

The basic

Video Conferencing Platform

We kept is simple and easy to use
Screen share

You can share your screen or present information, without requesting permission.

Visual roster

View the roster to see the status of each attendee and manage their audio/video settings.

Video tiles

One click to interact with your meeting attendees individually. Picture-in-picture for 1:1 meetings and featured videos.


Record your meetings so that you can share important meetings with colleagues and replay as needed.

Group Chat

Use can forward their calls directly to a mobile or a landline.

Private Chat

Each user has its own voicemail. Messages are automatically sent to the user’s email address.

Conference Calling

Create and use personalized meeting URLs for your online meetings.


Easily mute all attendees with the click of a button

WEbinar & live events

Broadcast your events in real time

Create a stream key & broadcast

Generate your live stream ID and key and starting broadcasting

Embed Live Video

Copy/paste the embed code provided to any of your web properties

Add live stream to video conference

Select a live stream to broadcast during your video conference
Forms & documents

Streaming line workflow processes

Forms & Document merge

Easily create forms to be filled by your attendees and merge their responses into PDF or Word documents.

Online signing

Allow your attendees to sign documents online within the video platform.

Add to specific meetings

Easily assign documents and forms to an upcoming meeting.