Simple & Powerful

Video Conference Platform

A video platform that enhances your performance, because it is all build-in....conferencing, video on demand, live streaming, booking, forms.

The basic

Video Conferencing Platform

We kept is simple and easy to use
Content Sharing

With our new screen share feature, you can show documents and videos to attendees without ever leaving the meeting. This is perfect for making sure everyone stays informed about what's going on in your business!

Visual roster

Hosts can get a quick overview of who is attending their meeting by looking at the attendees' settings. They will also be able to remove any unwanted guests from meetings if needed!

Video tiles

Konnect allows you to choose from a variety of different tile views when meeting. Whether it be one specific attendee or they all deserve equal attention, the decision is yours!


This is a great way to keep your meetings organized and documented. You can share them with coworkers, replay any specific parts of the meeting that you may need again later on in order for it all goes smoothly this time around!

Group Chat

You'll be able to chat with your attendees during the video conference without interrupting their experience. You can answer any questions or provide additional information

Private Chat

One-on-one chats are also available during the video conference


Meetings can be started on the fly and links given so that attendees know where they will find you. You'll also have access to existing meetings or schedules in advance, all from one place


As the host, you can mute and lock participants' microphones

WEbinar & live events

Broadcast your events in real time

Create a stream key & broadcast

Generate your live stream ID and key and starting broadcasting

Embed Live Video

Copy/paste the embed code provided to any of your web properties

Add live stream to video conference

Select a live stream to broadcast during your video conference
Forms & documents

Streaming line workflow processes

Forms & Document merge

Easily create forms to be filled by your attendees and merge their responses into PDF or Word documents.

Online signing

Allow your attendees to sign documents online within the video platform.

Add to specific meetings

Easily assign documents and forms to an upcoming meeting.