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A complete, all-in-one business phone solution

The complete set of features and functionalities are bundled in this one solution that will save you costly hardware purchases, installation & maintenance fees, and most importantly – Saves You Money!

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Flexible Solutions to Meet Your Unique Business Needs

Konnect Global provides robust, reliable, and feature-rich virtual PBX services that empower your business to reach new heights. We believe that your communication systems should be as innovative and dynamic as the business you conduct.
Small Business

Empowering Connections: Reinvent Your Small Business Communication

We understand the vital role effective communication plays in the success of your small business. Our professional and friendly team is dedicated to providing you with a cutting-edge phone system that empowers your organization to connect, collaborate, and thrive. Say goodbye to outdated and inefficient communication methods – it's time to embrace the future with Konnect Global PBX.

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Pack of Components

Health & Wellness

As a health and wellness professional, your time is precious. You dedicate yourself to helping clients achieve optimal well-being, but administrative tasks like managing calls can pull you away from your core focus. Missed calls, clunky phone systems, and unprofessional voicemail greetings all contribute to frustration and a less-than-ideal customer experience.

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Professional Services

Revolutionize Your Communication: The Professional Advantage

Effective communication is the lifeblood of professional services businesses. That's why we've designed a professional and friendly virtual phone system specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of your industry. With our cutting-edge technology and advanced features, we empower your business to deliver exceptional client experiences and take your services to new heights.

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Amazing Features

Redefining Business Communication with Comprehensive Features

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Fax to Email

With Fax to Email, each user is provided with an individual inbound fax mailbox, and faxes are conveniently delivered as email attachments

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Direct Inward Dial (DID) Numbers

With DID Numbers, each user can have their own dedicated direct-dial phone number and extension, simplifying communication and ensuring seamless connectivity for your team.

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Main Voice mail Box

With Main Voicemail Box, your customers can leave voicemail messages in a centralized mailbox that can be shared with all or specific users, ensuring that every message is promptly addressed and efficiently dealt with.

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Main Conference Line

With Main Conference Line, you can effortlessly organize conference calls for an unlimited number of attendees, enabling productive discussions and fostering collaboration without limitations.

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Main Business Number

With Main Business Number, you have the freedom to select a dedicated phone number that will serve as the main number on your auto-attendant, representing your business professionally and efficiently.

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Happy Customers

Konnect Global's sales team carefully evaluated my unique requirements, guiding me towards the most cost-effective package. Their support staff truly went above and beyond to guarantee seamless operation of my lines.
Reginald F
Opting for Konnect Global over our previous VoIP service was an absolute game-changer. The transition was seamless, even while coordinating simultaneous migrations for two separate offices in different states. We experienced zero downtime, making the switch effortless and hassle-free.
H Moon
Our transition to Konnect Global was remarkably smooth. Their support team addressed all our queries, ensuring a swift setup with zero downtime. We're truly impressed!
Howard M
For years, we've received top-notch service and outstanding client attention from Konnect Global. Our group, including several attorneys and a secretary, operates smoothly on their platform. It comes highly endorsed by us!
John L