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We are software engineers that create innovative technology solutions for partners who deliver value-added services to clients.

Big or small, let us engineer a custom solution for you

Our mobile cloud services enable global telecommunication companies, mobile virtual network operators, financial institutions, city portals, consumer product companies, media firms, and businesses.

Meet the Team
Konnect has built a platform which is unique, allowing connectivity from around the world between any end points. The simplicity by which Konnect allows users to connect with each other gives it a competitive advantage from other Unified Communication Providers. Within this ecosystem each service, feature and technology is designed as a modular building blocks.  These blocks join together much like a Lego™ set to create new communications solutions.  Given its modularity and open architecture, this ecosystem can be quickly cloned and customized and even rebranded to meet the unique wants and needs of large clients or potential Brand partners. On a practical level, Konnect’s peer to peer network enables anyone with an extension to connect with any other Konnect member, independently of device and/or geography.
“Communications is at the heart of everything we do. It facilitates learning, commerce, culture, and conflict resolution. The delivery of timely information via reliable, secure communication changes lives whether it is delivering distant learning, or the overthrow of an oppressive regime. ”
Andrew Rouse— CEO, Fusion Interactive Group

We Konnect the World, One community at a time

Are you a not for profit? Give us a call, so we can discuss how our solutions can help you achieve your mission.

Jerson Cayo
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Our Amazing Team

Each team member shares our philosophy of giving.

Andy Rouse

CEO, Fusion Interactive
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PR Manager
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iOS Developer
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Jerson Cayo

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